Additional Surveying

Home-Approved provide a range of surveying services in addition to building surveys.

Party Wall Advice

Where work is intended to a building that may envoke the Party Wall Etc Act 1996, Home-Approved can advise on the implications of your or your neighbour’s proposals and whether or not Notices are required to be served under the Act.

Whether acting for the Building Owner or the adjoining owner Home-Approved can prepare or respond to Notices, prepare or agree Schedules of Condition and a Party Wall Award. This is a legally binding agreement setting out the extent of the proposed works, how and when the work is to be carried out and what should happen in the event that something goes wrong.

By appointing Home-Approved as your Party Wall Surveyor, you can be confident that the party wall will be protected and that the risk of a dispute arising or damage occurring to the property as a result of work to the party wall is minimised.

Party wall surveyor

Party wall advice

Specific Defect Surveys

Specific Defect Surveys investigate a particular defect on a building that has been identified in a pre-purchase report or because the building owner has become concerned about some cracking or evidence of potential damage. These surveys focus on the cause of the defect; recommend what is required to rectify the issue and most importantly how much this is likely to cost you.

Home-Approved can inspect, report and advise on a range of building defects including:-

  • Roof problems
  • Damp and condensation
  • Cracks, subsidence and trees
Specific Defect Surveying

Specific Defect Surveying

Project Management

Home-Approved Project Management Services involve the selection of professional consultants, contractors, specialists and other key people to ensure that the client objectives are met. Rigorous checks are undertaken to ensure that all those involved in the project are fully aware of the objectives and are properly qualified and experienced to meet the client’s requirements.

Home-Approved’s drive and approach is focused in obtaining the very best finish and standards for our clients. Our practical and highly motivated staff are skilled in project delivery, working together with clients on all aspects of residential and commercial building and refurbishment. Our Project Managers coordinate the entire project whilst balancing costs, quality and deadlines and keeping clients personally informed throughout the construction process.

Project Management

Project Management

Post Works Surveying

Post works surveys are necessary when you have issues with the standard of work that has been carried out on your property. Home-Approved are experienced at dealing with these issues and in many cases after receiving our report the contractor will opt to rectify the work or at least cover the cost of repairs by someone else.

Home-Approved surveyors have wide ranging experience in the different aspects of property construction and this is used to ensure that all works are thoroughly inspected for standards, finishing and compliance with building regulations. Where issues are observed we will provide you with a detailed report explaining to you clearly what is wrong, provide you with advice on what is needed to rectify the issues as well as an estimated cost for the work.

Not only do you receive a written report you also have the reassurance that you can instruct us to discuss the issues with the contractor and resolve matters to your satisfaction.

Post Works Surveying

Post Works Surveying

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