The Home-Approved Blog Finally Begins!

We probably shouldn’t start with excuses about why we’ve only just got our blog off the ground, but we really do have the best one going. Since the company started back in 2010, we have been busy – really busy!

Over the last four years we’ve completed in excess of 400 building surveys. No two days are ever the same – we are commissioned to inspect all types of places, from one-bed apartments to new build homes to vast period properties. Not surprisingly, the value of the properties we’ve inspected has varied wildly, anything from £150,000 to several millions. Regardless of this, the Home-Approved service is consistent throughout and based on our founding ethos: to be customer focused and to provide a comprehensive and informative survey report that is jargon-free and easy to understand.

The process of buying a property can be unbelievably stressful. If we can make it that little bit less stressful by providing an honest and impartial appraisal of a property’s condition – so that a client can make a considered decision about the purchase of that property – we consider it a job well done.

From what our clients say, our property survey reports make a big difference to the decision-making process. Here’s what one said recently:

“I’m a buy-to-let landlord and have been using Home-Approved from day one when my partner highly recommended them. The building survey includes photos and detailed descriptions of what needs to be fixed. There’s also a scale of urgency of what needs to be done first. Price is reasonable and the survey report is sent within a few days. I highly recommend Home-Approved and will not be using other surveyors.”

Kind words indeed from a client who has used us numerous times over the last few years. So we think we got it right when we decided that our building survey reports should include a clear outline of repairs that need to be done, how critical they are and an estimate of the costs involved.

And that made us realise that our approach to home surveys justifies the need for a blog. Just like our survey reports, we want this blog to be useful – whether it’s general information about how changes in our industry may impact on you or sharing a cautionary tale or two about problems we discover during inspections.

You can take a look at https://www.home-approved.com/our-services or if there’s a burning question you’d like to ask about building surveys, drop us a line –  info@home-approved.com and we’ll answer it in a blog post.