Level 2 and Level 3 Building Surveys: Understanding the Distinction

Whether you’re embarking on your first home purchase or navigating subsequent property investments, the decision to buy a home is a substantial financial commitment. It’s crucial to ensure that your choice is based on careful consideration rather than emotional attachment. Falling in love with a property’s location, room sizes, period features, or a dream garden is easy, but without proper due diligence, that dream home might turn into a financial nightmare.

That’s where a building survey becomes paramount.

A building survey is a professional evaluation of a property’s condition, providing essential information for deciding whether to proceed with a purchase, negotiate the price, or reconsider the investment altogether. However, not all building surveys offer the same level of detail, and it’s important to choose the right one for your specific property.

Understanding Level 2 Building Surveys

Also referred to as a homebuyer’s report, a Level 2 building survey involves a physical inspection of both the internal and external aspects of a property. This examination assesses the condition of floors, walls, roof, windows, gutters, and pipes. The resulting written report outlines any identified defects, categorizing them by severity and urgency.

However, at Home-Approved, we specialise exclusively in Level 3 building surveys for a more comprehensive and detailed analysis.

Exploring the Depth of a Level 3 Building Survey

In contrast, to a Level 2, Level 3 building surveys offer a more thorough and comprehensive inspection. This survey covers every accessible area – from roof to drainage, basement to chimneys. The inspection not only identifies visible defects but also scrutinises construction materials and methods. The written report includes a traffic light system for issue urgency, photographic evidence, and estimated repair costs, aiding in informed decision-making.

The Value of Opting for a Level 3 Building Survey

While a Level 3 survey incurs higher costs due to its extended on-site time and detailed report preparation, the additional information it provides can be invaluable. Beyond potentially influencing negotiations for a reduced sale price or agreement on necessary repairs, the report becomes a valuable ongoing resource. It outlines an action plan, aiding in budgeting for future maintenance and preventing costly oversights.

Choose Home-Approved for Your Building Survey Needs

Our property surveyors are members of the RICS and bring extensive experience in surveying properties across Surrey, The Home Counties and London. For more information or to schedule your Level 3 building survey, contact us at 0800 980 3113 or email info@home-approved.com.