So buying a new build property doesn’t guarantee a clean bill of health

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New build property

Well, we called it!

Buying a new build property can sadly come with a few unexpected surprises. Back in June, we picked up on the news about house-building firm Persimmon and highly dissatisfied owners. At the time, one couple were feeling angry that their property had 30 faults in every room. Another couple identified 700 defects!

Yesterday (17 December), an independent report found that Persimmon, one of the biggest house building companies in the UK, has not established a minimum standard for the properties it builds. There is a systemic failure in its processes resulting in poor building quality. The findings are damning indeed and probably of little comfort to all those living in sub-standard homes and mortgaged up to the hilt.

Part of the report suggested that the company focuses purely on inspections before and after sales and not on quality control. This is pretty much what we at Home-Approved felt might be the case and that, because the accepted perception of buying new-build properties negates the need for a building survey, more fundamental problems were being missed. Whilst Persimmon now needs to get its house in order (a very apt pun!), the findings will hopefully serve as a warning to other house builders who believe it’s okay to cut corners.

Whether the home of your dreams is buying a new build property or an older property, Home-Approved will provide an in-depth and comprehensive report into its condition – arming you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the purchase.