Winter Property Maintenance – Don’t Get Caught Out During the Big Chill

Winter property maintenance

Don’t get out by cold and wet weather damaging your property

If the current cold and snowy weather is anything to go by we could be in for a very chilly winter. It’s the time of year when all sorts of things can go wrong in the home – the sort of things that can be disastrous precisely because it is so cold. But, with a little care and preparation, costly nightmares can be easily averted. Here are our top tips for taking care of your property over the next few months.


Heavy rain and storms can take their toll on the condition of your roof. Check for any damaged or missing tiles. If you have a flat roof, check that the covering isn’t showing any signs of wear and tear that might lead to water leaking through to the room below.


This is particularly important if you have trees near your property. All those leaves that have fallen during the autumn can contribute to blocking gutters and drainpipes. Check for debris and clear it away to prevent leaks and overflows.


Burst pipes are quite common during the winter months. If a section of piping freezes the build up of water pressure will cause the pipe to burst and flooding is the obvious result. It’s a good idea to check external walls for any evidence of holes or cracks through which cold air can enter and reach pipework – get any damage sealed up as quickly as possible.


Condensation can cause damp patches on internal walls in the colder months, especially in bathrooms and kitchens where the space can become quite humid. Simple steps to take include checking that extractor fans are in good working order and allowing air to flow freely – don’t keep all the doors shut all the time.


At this time of year we all rely on having a good heating system to keep us warm and toasty. But have you had your boiler serviced lately?! It’s sod’s law that something will go wrong when you most need a boiler to be working, so if you haven’t had yours serviced for some time do arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to visit. Meanwhile, check every radiator in your home and bleed them to release any trapped air so that they are at their most efficient and effective.

Going away over the festive season?

It’s a really good idea to keep your heating on at a low level. Whilst it might seem a waste of energy, it will keep your property at a consistent temperature and mean less risk of frozen pipes etc.

And don’t forget, if you find anything that is a significant worry, you can call home-approved to arrange a specific defect survey.

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