Introducing Airocam, a piece of kit that enhances the Home-Approved service

Launched in 2015, Airocam is a very nifty pole camera system developed by our very own Matthew Brown!

The biggest challenge for any surveyor is how to carry out a thorough property survey when roofs and chimneys can sometimes be very difficult to access and also the most costly areas in terms of repairs.

There are all kinds of pole systems on the market, most of which we’ve tried over the years and suffered numerous broken cameras along the way. We’ve considered the possibility of using a drone, but in order to operate drones safely by law it requires two people – and that is neither practical nor cost effective. Even a good old-fashioned ladder has an obvious safety risk attached.

So Matthew decided to tackle the problem head on, worked with a leading UK manufacturer of carbon fibre pole systems and developed Airocam, a lightweight but very strong system that can extend up to 10.6m. Used in conjunction with a GoPro camera and software, it’s easy to capture high quality photographic or video images that can be viewed in real time on a smartphone and downloaded for inclusion in written reports.

So if you ask us to carry out a survey of the property you’re planning to buy, Airocam means you have absolute assurance that we will be able to view the most inaccessible parts and give you a full report of the property’s condition. And Airocam is invaluable for our other services, particularly specific defect surveys and post-works surveys, where we can quickly and easily check for evidence of damage or to check the quality of work carried out by a contractor. As the saying goes, the camera never lies and with irrefutable photographic evidence, it gives you far more power – be it to negotiate price with a vendor in the event that your dream property requires remedial work, or to tackle a contractor who hasn’t completed a job to the required standard.

And Airocam has uses beyond those we ever thought would be beneficial for the business. Matthew was recently asked to carry out a survey of a lower-ground floor flat. Having arrived at the agreed time, Matthew discovered that he couldn’t get beyond the security gate – naturally, it was locked and no amount of ringing the bell (it wasn’t actually working) gained a response from the owner. Back at the office, we kept trying to phone the owner and we knew he was at home because an automated message stated that the phone was currently in use. This went on for 20 minutes before Matthew hit on the obvious solution – he used the Airocam pole to reach through the security gate and knock on windows until he got the owner’s attention. Genius!

If you’re buying a property in London, Surrey or the Home Counties and need a survey, why not give Home-Approved Building Surveyors a call on 0800 980 3113. We always have Airocam to hand!

Have a look at what Airocam can do!

airocam view of chimney pots gutter view from airocam guildford clock