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Party Wall Notice – what’s the point?

You’ve been neighbours for years, you’re on friendly terms and always chat over the fence. You mention you’re going ahead with that extension you’ve been planning, there might be a bit of noise – after all, your properties are adjoining – but it’ll all be over in a few weeks, there’s nothing to worry about….

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Help, I’m Worried That My Neighbour’s Building Plans Will Affect My Property!

Disputes between neighbours over building works are incredibly common. Online forums are full of anger, desperation and murderous intent as individuals rant about laws being flouted, lack of communication and downright bloody-mindedness. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way and the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 was introduced to protect the interests of…

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Adjoining Owner Surveys for Party Wall Works

Party Wall Agreements – What You Need to Know

Keeping on good terms with your neighbours is always a good thing – after all, you never know when you might need to ask a favour. And having a good relationship is always the best starting point if you are going to be having work done to your property. The purpose of the Party Wall…

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